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The Buzz on Google Buzz

Google BuzzEach day it seems like there is a new social media platform for us to try. For those who are not social media specialist, it can be daunting and overwhelming to navigate the social media sphere. Weeks ago, Google Buzz became the new platform and instantly became a trending topic on Twitter. With Gmail integration, Google Buzz is already superior to that of Google Wave. Other good features of Google Buzz is the ability to link Twitter, Picasa, Blogger, and Google Chat. Of course they are going to link most of Google applications together to streamline their services.

So while Google Buzz was a web sensation a few weeks ago, you barely even hear about it now. If you go onto and compare the stats between Facebook, Twitter, and Google Buzz. Twitter remains King for social media and viral news. Facebook is still more popular than Buzz. So why is that? Although there maybe millions and millions of Gmail users, you have to take into account that the majority of people work. Therefore, their main email is their work email address. In addition in the world of PC and Microsoft, most people use Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird, or a Blackberry to access their email. If Google can find a way to create a desktop exchange or a “Text to Buzz,” it would most likely increase the usage on Buzz. Wouldn’t it be nice if Google Buzz was on Tweet Deck? Since real estate is so heavily communications driven, Google could be a useful tool.

For instance, real estate agents come into contact with a lot of people. Aside from those who work in Public Relations or is a Human Resource recruiter, real estate agents know a lot of people. Can you just imagine how many email addresses are in an agent’s contact? If they use Gmail, it would store ALL of the people they have ever emailed. So if an agent were to Buzz, it would notify all their contacts in their email: other agents, potential buyers and sellers etc. Pretty quick way to get the word out about a new listing before inputting it into the MLS right? This would be great if both parties used Gmail and that your contacts read your newest Buzz. Taking into account, email and phone are the primary form of communication in real estate, seasoned agents won’t be changing their email address anytime soon. Since most real estate agents use a Blackberry to access their email, it is less likely they will Buzz.


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