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The GeronsinsWe are a highly distinguished family enterprise that center our...Meet The Geronsins »
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These Tax Credits Won’t Last Forever!!

With February coming to an end, many people and agents almost forgotten about the extended Homebuyer Tax Credit. The clock is winding down for homebuyers to purchase a home and file for tax savings to their 2009 income taxes.... Continue Reading »

Higher Interest Rates Coming

Recently, the Fed announced that they will stop purchasing mortgage back securities on March 31st.  With that announcement, mortgage rates are expected to increase about 100-200 basis points after the Fed withdraws.  Only time... Continue Reading »

Making Sense of the Home Affordable Programs

On March 1st, the Government extended the Home Affordable Refinancing program to June 2011 to help those borrowers refinance at a lower interest rate than what is on their mortgage. The program was intended to help the 5 million... Continue Reading »

Earthquake Insurance a Good Idea?

Considering the most recent 4 earthquakes have been on the Pacific rim, Japan, Chile, Taiwan, and now Sumatra, it might be a good idea and highly advisable for homeowners in California to consider purchasing earthquake insurance.... Continue Reading »

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